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Cloud Solutions (VMware, AWS, Azure, GC)Networking & Cable Management, Website design, eCommerce, VoIP Phone Systems, ERP, CRM. All solutions your company needs just in one place.

We Are AWS, VMWware, and Fortinet PArtners
Complete Advance Solutions for
Smart Business

Our Services

We offer you a complete package of services with which we intend to reach your expectations in terms of automation, telecommunications, networks, systems, telephony, software, infrastructure, consulting, and other services. All to avoid that you invest resources of time that you will need to do your business.

VoIP Solutions
Full Communications Package

* Full telephonic system including Direct Inward Dialing (DID) phone numbers and telephones, which based on your requirement could be desktop or virtual phones.
* Design of phone call flows and strategies to decrease the clients lost caused by delay or congestion on agents or employees answer.
* Market competitive prices base on phone calls volume and number of channels by phone number, guarantying 99.9% of service continuity.
* Integration with web sites and mobile applications allowing the send and reception of SMS from your PC.
* Digital lines dedicated to standard fax systems and fax virtualization services.

Customized WEB and Applications Development

* Design and implementation of Data Bases systems to register and storage all your activities's records.
* Tailored applications development towards an efficient handling of your business functions and data.
* Design, development, and deployment Web Applications for your business can be reached from any where.
* e-Commerce websites, full responsive, payments method with the most populars merchants payment companies.
* Mobile Apps to allow more connectivity between your business and your customers, and futures customers.

Networking Infrastructure
Full Infrastructure Design and Installation

* Local Network design, deployment and configuration (firewalls, switches, routers).
* PCs, printers, scanners and other devices Installation and configuration.
* Storage solutions deployment and setup (local/on-line cloud, (SAN, NAS, DAS).
* Cloud services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services.
* Personalized and/or enterprise email such as Google Business Mail, or MS Office 365, and others.
* Deployment of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) business technology.
* Deployment and configuration of local and/or cloud servers.

IT Support
IT Support

* Personal computers, laptops, and servers maintenance and optimization.
* Operative Systems installation, reinstallation and maintenance (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.)
* Remote assistance for emergency events, and on-site assistance if required by the customer, or the issue.
* Personnel training on software, security, and equipment use.
* All kind of software installation or deployment (Professional suites, security software, antivirus).
* Cable management to increase your security and productivity.

Technological Consultant

* We look for the best internet solution according to availability in your area.
* We represent you with the ISP (Internet Service Providers) to avoid over billing for unnecessary services, we supervise that the installation of the services is within the established standards, and the quality of the service is for which you are paying; In case of any situation we will be with you at the time of making a report or claim to your ISP until the problem is solved.
* We represent you, in the purchase of equipment from third parties, to ensure that the prices are in accordance with what you are buying, so that you do not sell outdated or unnecessary technology, we review the warranty terms.

Security Consultant

* Personnel training on basic subjects as passwords complexity, security practices to reduce hacking risk and proper use of company resources.
* Creation of security Group Policy Objects depending of your business technology.
* Firewall strength and incoming/outgoing traffic security check.
* Backup procedures of your Operative Systems (OS) and information, facilitating an agile recovery after technological accidents or natural disasters.
* Assessment about cloud resources usage, allowing global, secure and constant access to your business data.

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Creative Technological Solutions

Our goal is to help our customers to increase their productivity, security, and reliability with global or customized solutions depending on their budgets, or their goals. We help to with tools like Google Ad, and other tools to increase your phone, and web traffic, that improve the potential number of customers for any business.



Our goal is to provide a complete package of solutions allowing you as owner to be focused on your company's goals, and at the same time, for the company to work the most agile and secure so that your employees and customers have the satisfaction of having you as a provider of goods and services. Our packages include, networking, equipment, telephony, security, consulting, design of your corporate image (website, advertising campaigns, corporate social networks, and others services that you could see in details in our services and products section.

  • Networking, and Infrastructure 100%
  • VoIP Systems, and Fax Services 100%
  • Support and training 100%
  • Web Consulting, Design and Hosting99%
  • Project Management 98%
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We Are AWS, VMWware, and Fortinet PArtners

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